When the Spirit Says


When the Spirit Says

         There is a hymn in the Singing the Journey Hymnal that says that when the spirit moves within you, you have to sing, shout, dance, or do what the spirit says do.  I like the tune and the jazzy feeling to it. 

        My personal theology is a naturalistic religious humanist with theistic tendencies.  As such, I am not certain that God exists, but if there is a God, then we humans are in partnership to co-create the beloved community here on this earth at this time.  The only God I can embrace is a God of Love who is always urging us toward greater love between each other and our planet. 

        Spirituality is both an inner focus as well as an outer one.  I personally don’t pray much since I don’t think that those thoughts are being heard by any higher power.  I do reflect on things when in the spirit of prayer in church.  My reflections are more often tuned to gratefulness for my life and the connections I have with others.  Or they will be focused on someone I know and sending my thoughts of healing and comfort for what they are enduring.  When I offer corporate prayer I usually address the Spirit of Life which enfolds each one of us. 

        We humans have been seeking answers to the big questions since we gained consciousness.  Every religion that has ever existed has tried to grapple with these persistent questions of existence.  The big three are: Where did I come from?  Why am I here?  Where am I going?  These are questions that science cannot answer, only religion.  Each of us must discover for ourselves an answer to each of them that is satisfying to each of us.  Those answers will differ based upon a variety of factors such as where we were born, who raised us, and what experiences we have had in our lives. 

        I have chosen Unitarian Universalism as my path to discover my answers to those questions.  My religious community is a test pad for my exploration of my connections to others and the divine. Here I can try new things and see whether they fit with my understanding of who I am and my place in the world.  I can experiment with spiritual practices such as meditation or art and decide how that affects me.  I can be mindful of all that is around me and learn new ways of relating to others and the universe. 

        All of this is part of spirituality.  I have a book in my library titled “One Minute Wisdom” written to help one deepen the sense of spirituality.  I close with an excerpt. 



Even though it was the Master’s Day of Silence, a traveler begged for a word of wisdom that would guide him through life’s journey.  The Master nodded affably, took a sheet of paper and wrote a single word on it: “Awareness.” 

The visitor was perplexed.  “That’s too brief.  Would you please expand on it a bit?”  The Master took the paper back and wrote: “Awareness, awareness, awareness.”

“But what do these words mean?” said the stranger helplessly.  The Master reached out for the paper and wrote: “Awareness, awareness, awareness means AWARENESS.”

Yours in the Faith,



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